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HR Telephone Advice 

workshop chamber hr qdoslogoWhy pay for telephone advice that you can get for FREE?

With your DGChamber membership you have access to employment law and human resource telephone advice for FREE!  It is available when you want it (24/7) and you have unlimited access to qualified specialists on any employment law or human resource issue.  

You don’t have to book a call, you just pick up the phone and call us on the telephone numbers below when you need help and you will receive friendly, down to earth and practical advice helping you every step of the way.

For instance:

Is one of your employees constantly absent?  Pick up the phone for advice

Do you have a discipline issue?  Pick up the phone for advice

Have you a redundancy problem?  Pick up the phone for advice

With the advice line you never have to face an employment or health and safety issue alone.

Pick up the phone today and speak to an advisor - For employment law/HR advice call 01455 852037

Chamber HR Website

Why pay for documents when you can get them for FREE?

With your Chamber membership you also have access to a practical and easy to follow online reference manual in employment law and human resource.  The web site has a bank of hundreds of documents which can be downloaded, edited, saved in your ‘My Account’ or in your own filing system.

You can download the documents as many times as you need and this is all for FREE! 

For instance:

Do you need a Contract of Employment template?  Just visit the Chamber HR website

Do you need policies to add to your Employee Handbook?  Just visit the Chamber HR website

Do you need to know how to deal with a disciplinary?  Just visit the Chamber HR website

You will need a login to access the documents which you receive with your Chamber membership

Further peace of mind is provided, as ChamberHR is complementary to the existing Legal Expense Scheme. Members also receive preferential rates for bespoke human resource consultancy.

If you are a Chamber member you can access the Chamber HR website and login with your Chamber HR login details HERE

Chamber Online Business Shop

The Chamber, in conjunction with Qdos, the providers of ChamberHR are making it easier than ever for Chamber members to stay compliant with easy online access to additional expert support and advice in employment law, human resource and health & safety.

As you are aware ChamberHR is included within the Chamber membership fee however, where do you go for additional HR and health & safety services?

Who do you trust to deliver excellent service? Where can you get discounted rates?

The Chamber Online Business Shop gives you this and more. Products and services include bespoke Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks, HR and health & safety audits, How to Guides, risk assessments, training and more.

For only 26p per day you can purchase ChamberHS which mirrors the ChamberHR service. For an annual price of £95 you can have immediate access to health & safety experts, a compliant Health & Safety Policy, template organisational responsibilities and structures and lots more.