DGBusiness Awards 2018: Business Person of the Year

Dumfries & Galloway Chamber of Commerce is calling on businesses across the region to enter the DGBusiness Awards 2018.

Held in association with Developing the Young Workforce Dumfries & Galloway, the awards are not only a great opportunity for businesses to showcase themselves and raise their profile, they can also provide a good insight.

Completing an awards application can highlight potential areas for improvement or development, as well as providing the perfect excuse to look back at what you and your company have achieved in detail. It can also be an opportunity to freshen up a business plan, processes, competencies, and set new goals.

The DGBusiness Awards 2018 will be judged by an independent panel of experts, comprised of business figures from across the region. They will assess entries and select a shortlist from which the winner for each of the 12 categories will be chosen.

DGBusiness Awards 2018 Business Person of the Year

This award recognises an individual who has achieved some or all of the following: 

· Led the company through a difficult phase - and came out on top 

· Grown the company significantly whether it be by turnover / profit / market share / staff 

· Enhanced the profile of the company on a local, national or even global basis

· Through their leadership the company excels in certain areas, such as service or quality 

· Enhanced the reputation of Dumfries & Galloway





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