International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox convenes a new Board of Trade

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox convened a new Board of Trade to help boost exports, attract inward investors and ensure the benefits of free trade are spread equally across the country.

The new Board of Trade will bring together prominent figures from business and politics from each part of the UK, including representatives from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Advisers include Collette Roche, Chief of Staff at Manchester Airport, former President of the Board of Trade, Patricia Hewitt and Ian Curle CEO of the Edrington Group, one of Scotland’s leading premium spirits companies and produces of The Famous Grouse whisky. 

Latest statistics show over the last 12 months the UK secured more foreign direct investment projects than ever before, UK exports have increased 13.1% on the previous 12 months in the year to August 2017 and the current account deficit narrowed to £101.3bn in the year to 2017Q2, from £113.8bn in the year to 2016Q2.


President of the Board of Trade, Dr Liam Fox said:

“There is a world of opportunity out there for UK businesses and the Board of Trade will help identify and unlock new export markets and encourage further inward investment.

“The advisers on the Board will act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the modern businesses community to ensure the benefits of free trade are spread equally across the country.”

The meeting will be held today at Bristol Robotics Lab is a collaborative partnership between the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) and the University of Bristol. The lab which brings together over 200 academics, researchers and industry practitioners, is the most comprehensive academic centre for multi-disciplinary robotics research in the UK, and is spearheading Britain’s efforts to become a world leader in modern advanced robotics.

President of the Board of Trade, Dr Fox has also invited advisers from across the United Kingdom to provide local expertise and guide the Board on trade and investment matters.

The agenda of the meeting will include a Bristol Airport Presentation on Regional Transport Access, an area that will be key in the promotion of future UK exports for the whole of the UK.

The President will also invite a discussion on how the Board will promote a culture of exporting and investing across the whole of the UK and celebrate the very best of British business, already creating jobs and driving prosperity through their international outlook. 

The Board of Trade will meet four times a year with meetings rotated around the UK guaranteeing all parts of the union have a chance to raise the issues most important to them. To ensure all voices are heard representatives from each region will be invited to the meetings.