From village halls to a phone box … family political duo are going on tour

THEY represent two of the larger constituencies in Scotland -- and they are heading your way.


That's father and son political partnership David and Oliver Mundell, who will be launching their marathon summer surgery tour at Waterbeck first thing on Friday morning.


David, MP for Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweeddale, and Oliver, constituency MSP for Dumfriesshire, pride themselves on visiting even the smallest communities in the sprawling largely rural constituencies.


David said: "The surgery tour is a big logistical challenge but I've found it very worthwhile since being initially elected as an MSP and later to Westminster.


"It's always been a special part of my summer which I look forward to. 


"I think it is extremely important to maintain regular contact with even the furthest flung parts of the constituency."


Despite his demanding Cabinet role as Scottish Secretary, David insists in supplementing his regular surgeries with the summer tour.


When Oliver was elected to the Scottish Parliament, he decided to introduce the concept too and they now hold joint-surgeries where their constituencies overlap.


He said: "The surgery tour has become the alternative to our summer family holiday -- we travel many miles and it is a good chance to catch up with each other as well as with constituents the length and breadth of Dumfriesshire. 


"It works well too as there are issues which involve both the Scottish and UK Parliaments and we can both help."


No appointments are necessary and the details are promoted in communities in advance and online.


From village halls to community centres and hotels to a social club, the venues are varied.


And on one occasion, when keys to a hall could not be found, a very successful surgery was held at a phone box!