Council Leader Elaine Murray has released new figures that show the Government have slashed the Council’s budget by 12.6% in real terms since 2010.



At the same time the Scottish Government’s own funding allocation has faced a real terms cut of 6% from the UK Conservative Government. When tax and borrowing decisions made by the Scottish Government are taking into account, the real terms cut in Scottish Government spending falls to 3.8% - almost a quarter of the cut imposed by the Scottish Government on Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Dumfries and Galloway Council will meet on Thursday 28th February to set a budget for the coming financial year. The Council is expected to use a combination of Council Tax rises and cuts to services to plug a funding gap of nearly £15m.

Councillor Elaine Murray said, “This analysis makes it clear that decisions taken by both the UK Conservative Government and SNP Scottish Government have led to a real terms funding cut of 12.6% being imposed on our Council since 2010. Local Tory and SNP politicians must take responsibility for the decisions taken by the Governments that they support. The funding reductions imposed on our Council has resulted in almost £100million worth of cuts being made to vital local services.

Dumfries and Galloway Council’s budget has been cut to the bone. The level of cuts still being imposed on our Council as a result of Tory austerity and SNP cuts will lead to further cuts in vital local services and will have huge implications on our schools, social care services and on the council’s ability to invest in local roads and the economy.”

Local Labour MSP Colin Smyth recently voted against the Scottish Government’s budget said, “These figures reveal show that the SNP Government in Edinburgh have taken Tory austerity and more than doubled it when it comes to cuts to our local council. Each year more and more cuts are passed on to councils because the Government know the council get the blame for the cuts. Until people wake up to the fact that the buck for the cuts rests with the Government rather than the local council, these cuts will continue until it is too late and we lose for good services so many local people rely on.”