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Work is What We Do, Not Where We Go - An 8020 Insight on Remote Working


Work is what we do not where we go.

Are remote jobs the future of working?

Many people are now working remotely, carrying out their workload in a coffee shop, on the train or at their kitchen table. Technology is making this possible and it is reported that as many as half of us will be remote working to some degree by as early as 2020.

These days, mobile working is more than making a few calls and replying to a couple of emails. Some people run their entire business from their mobile, making notes, accessing business apps, working on spreadsheets and creating and sending invoices.
The arrival of the computer changed the way we worked and today connectivity and digital tools are changing where we work. Travelling to offices has been replaced by phone and video conferencing. Remote workers, like engineers and police officers, now use tablets and mobile devices to access systems on the move. There’s no need to return to the office to complete forms, keeping people where they’re needed most.
Delivering on these aspirations would once have been a potential headache for an IT department. However, it’s now possible to deliver seamless, flexible and mobile working across multiple devices, securely, reliably and efficiently through solutions such as Office 365 and Mobile Device Management.
To benefit from remote working you need a setup that allows that flexibility. Whether it be a mobile phone, tablet or laptop allowing you to work from anywhere.

Could the new Galaxy S10 be Samsung’s best device for business customers?

Take the new Samsung Galaxy S10 for example. Samsung DeX lets you connect your Galaxy S10 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your phone. So you can turn any place into a workplace.
Enjoy a desktop experience Some things are just easier on a desktop, like sending an email, bolding text, or copying and pasting between apps. Just plug your Galaxy S10 into the DeX cable to use apps, review documents and set or check notifications on a desktop interface. Two screens at once In Samsung DeX mode, you can take a closer look at things like videos, artwork, and documents on a larger display while still using your phone as a phone. Watch video clips on the monitor while checking texts, or take a call while reviewing documents without breaking your focus.
The Samsung and Samsung DeX may be an optimum way of working remotely through mobile technology but it’s not the only way. Working remotely can be as simple as just you and your mobile device.

The benefits of remote working

Sitting under bright lights in a bustling office all day is the number one way to ramp up stress levels. Thanks to advancements in digital technology allowing us to work smarter, the benefits of working remotely speak for themselves.
Studies conclude that remote employees are notably less stressed and have higher morale than their in-office counterparts. Think about it. You get to wear clothes you feel comfortable in, sit (or slouch) in a way that makes you feel creative, and play the music that inspires you. Hit a writer’s block? Take a walk around the block to clear your head.
Happier, healthier employees are proven to produce better work and feel more committed to their companies. From this perspective, installing digital workplace solution to provide remote working opportunities is just good business.



Chance to be Part of the Peter Pan Story by Joining the Moat Brae Volunteer Team

Great opportunities at house and garden that Inspired JM Barrie when it opens as the National Centre for Children’s Literature and Storytelling

Friendly and enthusiastic volunteers are being sought to help in the house and garden where Peter Pan began.



Moat Brae, in Dumfries, will fully open to the public from 1 June as the country’s National Centre for Children’s Literature and Storytelling.

The new international visitor attraction, in the lovely refurbished Georgian property where J.M. Barrie played as a boy, is being set up to promote and encourages imagination, creativity and play, for everyone to enjoy.

Natasha Kinsella, Moat Brae Volunteer Co-Ordinator, said: “We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic volunteers to help provide a warm and welcoming environment to families and other visitors.

Volunteers will play an important role answering questions from visitors, supporting the front of house team and Head Gardener as well as igniting the imagination and creativity of our all our visitors.”

The house has four main floors and The Neverland Discovery Garden, Peter’s Place, J.M. Barrie’s Dumfries, StoryWorlds and Revisiting Neverland. 

Discovery guides will help provide a friendly and engaging introduction to the interpretation of the house encouraging visitors to imagine, explore and play. 

Volunteering brings all sorts of benefits including:

  • Develop skills and experience in a visitor centre/arts and cultural setting 
  • Enhancing a CV
  • Meeting new people and getting active in the community
  • Inspiring the imagination of children, young people and adults
  • Enjoying being part of a motivated and passionate team Moat Brae volunteer opportunitiesIn the house: Engaging visitors with the stories of J.M. Barrie’s life, the history of the house and Peter Pan. There will be:
  • Costumed interpreters
  • Storytelling roles
  • Room guides In the garden:Neverland garden volunteers will work alongside our Head Gardener to help keep this beautiful space in perfect condition for visitors.Schools tours:If you have experience working with children and can harness your inner child Moat Brae is looking for people to deliver guided tours to schoolchildren of all ages.Guided tours:Those who are passionate about history and architecture might like to volunteer to lead guided tours.
  • Contact Natasha on 01387 255 549 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  there is also a sign-up for on the website at

Dumfries and Galloway Dance Day of Dance is Coming

Dumfries & Galloway Dance is a new regional approach to developing a thriving dance sector.  We believe this sector could bring together the brilliant activity that already happens across the region and create further opportunities to promote the region as a home for dance.



Dance Dumfries and Galloway sets out to achieve this aim, through creating a new Youth Dance Company, and setting up a touring network for professional dance companies.


Day of Dance offers a series of workshops followed by an evening Ceilidh interrupted by pop up dance performances.


During the day will be a series of workshops, in the morning is dedicated to adult beginners with an 11:00am Contemporary Dance session and   a 12:15 ballet session. The afternoon is aimed at teenagers aged 13-18, with a contemporary dance session at 13:45 and a hip-hop session at 15:15.


The evening  Ceilidh kicks of at 7pm led by Ceilidh group Whirligig  who feature Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Ruth Morris (fiddle/ nyckelharpa and dance calling) & Pete Garnett (accordion)


All events are sessions are £5 or £10 for a day ticket. They are bookable onEventbrite or at the Theatre Royal Box Office Box 01387 254209

Scottish Secretary in visit to Loch Ryan port.

The Scottish Secretary, David Mundell, visited Scotland’s busiest on Thursday May 16th 2019.

Mr Mundell was given a tour of the facilities at Loch Ryan port by the Stena Line Operations Manager, Andy Kane. He gave an insight into the work that goes into running this vital trading route for many Scottish companies.



Like thousands of people every day Mr Mundell travelled on the ferry as he made his way to the first Board of Trade to be in held in Belfast. The Board of Trade, chaired by the International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, champions exports, inward investment and outward direct investment to deliver economic growth and prosperity across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Mr Mundell said:

“It was very helpful to be given a tour of Loch Ryan port which confirmed just how important it is for Scotland – and the UK’s - economy. With more than 9,000 sailings each year, it accounts for 45 per cent of Northern Ireland’s trade with the rest of the UK.

“Loch Ryan is the busiest passenger port in Scotland with 1.2 million passengers using this service last year. This helps to maintain the important cultural and economic links that have long existed between Scotland and Northern Ireland.  

“Transport links like this are important throughout the UK, underpinning local economies and communities. They support important sectors such as agriculture and fisheries, which are crucial to Scotland’s thriving food and drinks industry and are the lifeblood of the vibrant tourism industry in the south west of Scotland.

“I am of course aware of the infrastructure challenges faced by Stena Line and others using this busy port. As an MP from Dumfries & Galloway I have constantly campaigned for improvement to the A75 and will continue to do so.”

80% of Scots think they could do more to be energy efficient and sustainable at home

Countryside presenter and former BBC Blue Peter Star Helen Skelton will today launch the 'Areas for a Beautiful Future' campaign, celebrating those communities across Great Britain creating a more sustainable future.



With public and political attention on climate change at an all-time high, the campaign recognises the families and communities who are taking simple, positive steps at home, that together will add up to create a cleaner, greener, smarter future for everyone. 
West Lothian tops the table of communities across the UK when it comes to sustainability, with residents recycling 61% of waste and 43% of households having a smart meter installed. These two simple actions are free for residents to implement, but are a huge benefit the environment.
West Lothian
Cheshire West and Chester
East Riding of Yorkshire
Merthyr Tydfil
Kingston upon Hull, City of
East Ayrshire
Rhondda Cynon Taf
Blaenau Gwent
South Ayrshire
North Ayrshire
East Devon
Vale of Glamorgan
East Lothian
Neath Port Talbot
Despite the fantastic work going on around the country, three quarters (75 per cent) of Brits still think they could do more to be more sustainable and energy efficient in the home, with a third (33 per cent) being worried about their children or grandchildren's futures.
The poll by Smart Energy GB of 2,000 Brits also revealed why we're not being more sustainable - a fifth (20 per cent) think it costs too much and almost a quarter (26 per cent) believe it's too much effort. Plus, one in 10 feel they won't make an impact as one individual.
The 'Areas for a Beautiful Future' campaign aims to challenge these beliefs, outlining the small, often cost-free steps, such as getting a smart meter, everyone can take towards a greener, cleaner, smarter Britain. Two fifths (39%) of those polled were not aware that filling up the fridge (even if it's with bottles of tap water) is more energy efficient - therefore being more sustainable - a simple, cost free step which can be taken in the home.
The research also revealed (UK wide stats)
  • Just under one quarter (23 per cent) admitted they are aware of the environmental benefits of taking shorter showers, but don't make the effort to do so
  • Almost half (49 per cent) buy bottles of water in plastic bottles, and similarly almost a half (46 per cent) still boil more water in the kettle than needed
  • Nearly a third (32 per cent) will leave lights on in empty rooms
  • Over a third (38 per cent) use the car instead of walking and/or taking public transport
  • 50 per cent of those polled admitted to leaving appliances on standby
  • Just 15 per cent encourage friends and family to be more sustainable on a regular basis, which is surprising when four in 10 (40 per cent) feel guilty when they know they could have done more to be more energy efficient
Presenter and environmentalist, Helen Skelton commented: "Small actions really do add up to make a difference. By recycling at home and getting a smart meter you're taking a small step towards a more sustainable future for everyone."