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See where, when and how energy is being used across your business...

Do you know if...

  •;">         The lights in your business are being left on at night?
  •;">         Equipment is left running at night?
  •;">         There are unusual patterns in energy usage?
  •;">         Your energy spend is competitive?

If you don't know the answer, Utility Insight can give you it with a full overview of your energy use. Utility Insight can answer all these questions and more – get a grip of your energy spend by understanding how you are using it.;">

Utility Insight is a web-based reporting platform developed by market leading utility services company, Chamber Energy Solutions to give you total insight into your electricity consumption. This can help you to monitor and review the way you use energy and improve energy efficiency within your business.

Utility Insight is available to all Chamber members with first meter free of charge*.

As part of your membership, the British Chambers of Commerce has secured this exclusive offer for members through the Utilitywise Energy Partnership - Chamber Energy Solutions. You do not need to procure your energy contracts with Chamber Energy Solutions, and there are no hidden charges.Installation is very simple and fast, and no on-site disruption is necessary – all we need is a letter of authority to get access to your consumption data from your power provider, and we’ll get the dashboard up and running within 72 hours of receiving your data. Once up and running, our energy experts will monitor your usage patterns and help you to interpret the data with helpful suggestions to make savings. 

Utility Insight is fully proven and used by hundreds of businesses like yours to identify ways to use less energy, saving you money, reducing your carbon footprint and making your business more competitive.
"Over the last few months we've been able to reduce Falkirk’s energy consumption significantly, in the last two months alone we have been 80% under budget!" Chris Wilson, Environmental Coordinator, Hero TSC, Utilitywise customer 
*this offer is subject to the type of meter installed in your business.

Find out more call 0800 923 0210 or visit 

New Water & Sewerage Charge Exemption Scheme for Charities and Community Sports Clubs

The new water and sewerage charge exemption scheme for charities and community sports clubs has opened for applications today. Under the new scheme, eligible charities and community amateur sports clubs with an income of less than £200,000 will no longer need to pay water and sewerage charges. Those with incomes between £200,000 and £300,000 will pay a reduced rate. Find out more here:

Flexible Training Opportunities

Scottish businesses with 100 employees or less can apply for up to £5,000 towards employee training costs from Skills Development Scotland. Funding is available for up to 10 employees per business and the money is not a loan so there's no need to pay it back. For further information and an application form please click HERE

New Procurement Support Guide - How to Carry Out a Successful Lighting Replacement Project

Written for organisations that are already planning to upgrade or replace lighting, this new, six-step procurement guide will help them avoid common pitfalls. For Scottish organisations, lighting accounts for a major share of annual energy costs –typically over 20% of all energy related costs – so taking action on lighting is a great place to start. This guide will walk you through the six-steps to consider when planning to upgrade or replace your organisation’s lighting. For the guide, please click HERE.

New Implementation Guide - How to Save Money and Energy on Lighting

This guide covers all the typical things you can do to reduce lighting costs – from engaging staff (using supporting staff engagement materials, posters and stickers), to changing lamps and installing lighting controls. Please click HERE to access the guide.