Do You Check Your Energy Bills?

Why are energy bills so complicated?

Energy bills are complicated. It’s hard to know exactly what you’re being charged for and why when you don’t know your FiT from your TUoS. But believe it or not, energy suppliers don’t complicate bills just to annoy their customers. Your energy bill details every single government levy and commodity cost that impacts on the final amount you owe to your supplier.

Problems which may occur for commercial gas users:

The standing charge.

Almost every gas user in the UK pays a standing charge to their energy supplier… but what does it actually cover? 

1. The capacity element of the gas transportation cost

When you receive an energy bill from your supplier, you’re being charged for your access to a gas supply as well as the amount of gas you use. This includes the cost of transporting your gas from its point of origin to your business premises – this cost will vary according to your distance from the supply point. Your standing charge will be higher if your business is located further from the supply point.

2. Meter asset and meter read fees

As you might expect, these fees cover the cost of having your meter read. Simply put, it costs your energy supplier money to send somebody out to read your gas meter. Your energy supplier is also obliged to carry out safety and maintenance checks (usually covered during the meter reading), which also cost money. Your energy supplier may also include the cost of emergency gas services.

Your standing charge covers your energy supplier’s fixed costs and should remain the same for the length of your contract. 

You won’t always pay a standing charge, however. These fixed costs can also be covered in your unit rate, leaving you with no standing charge at all. The vast majority of gas contracts secured by Chamber Energy Solutions carry no standing charge.

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