Information for Professionals and Organisations

Businesses have been hit hard by the impact of Coronavirus. The resources below are included to help support employers and employees in this change in circumstances.

Workplace Guidance For Micro And Small Businesses

Scottish Chambers of Commerce has created guidance which provides practical advice for micro (less than 10 employees) and small (less than 50 employees) companies as they plan to re-open their businesses. This guidance is for businesses where there is no sector-specific guidance published, so if your business is in a sector for which specific guidance has been published, then you should follow this.
To view the document, please click here.
For specific sector guidance from the Scottish Government, please click here.

Advice from Government

If you are an employer or a business owner, the UK Government has provided the following guidance for employers and businesses.
Businesses should check for daily updates and subscribe to receive email alerts to ensure they are acting on the most up to date information.
The Scottish government has published Covid-19: Scotland’s Route Map Through And Out Of The Crisis.
This document describes the progress the UK has made to date in tackling the Coronavirus outbreak and sets out the government’s plans for the next phases of its response. The UK government has also updated its guidance for businesses on working safely during Coronavirus.