SCC comments on Westminster Developments

Responding to the latest Westminster developments, Dr Liz Cameron OBE, Director and Chief Executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:


LIz Cameron


“Businesses in Scotland feel as if their pleas for a return to political sanity are falling on deaf ears as this dangerous game of Westminster brinkmanship escalates.


“Continuing political turbulence is taking a measurable toll on contracts, on investment decisions, and on business confidence. For three years our political leaders in the UK and Scotland have been consumed by political intrigues when the country, its people and the economy needs their focus to be on the business of governing. Government support is essential to creating the right environment for businesses to thrive and this effort is currently, at best, increasingly haphazard.

“We need to avoid a disorderly exit from the EU come 31 October. None of the events of the last few days have given businesses greater confidence that this will be achieved. Businesses are doing their best to plan. But it is essential for government and agencies in London and Edinburgh to further boost support for businesses through any scenario.”