MP Mundell welcomes farm funding boost

Substantial support, which should boost farming in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, has been warmly welcomed by local MP David Mundell.


David Mundell MP

The UK Government confirmed today in their Spending Review that £160 million of convergence money would be allocated to the agricultural industry north of the border.


Scottish Conservative MPs have pressed for the EU Multi-annual Financial Framework money, aimed at redistributing Common Agricultural (CAP) payments more equitably across the EU, be delivered to Scotland.


David Mundell explained that he had held discussions over a period with local farmers who had raised the issue.


He said: "This is good news for the agricultural sector in my area and I'm delighted that this funding will now be available for distribution.


"It should particularly help the upland areas of my constituency where sheep and other enterprises operate on large areas of scenic, but less productive, land."


Mr Mundell added that more viable farm enterprises, in turn, benefited the wider rural community.