Midsteeple Quarter Seeking Views Ahead of Stage 2 Development

The community is invited to an exhibition and information event for the next phase of the Midsteeple Quarter project for the town centre. Midsteeple Quarter are a community led regeneration initiative by people of Dumfries to create a new high street, with a mixture of retail, enterprise, social, leisure and housing.

Midsteeple Quarter have been working closely with architects and planners to come up with exciting ideas, but still stay true to the historical character of Dumfries and make a town centre fit for generations to come.




At the exhibition people will see the architect’s vision for the High Street, with research information gathered about the heritage of Dumfries and what their ideas have been inspired by. Features include high quality housing available at affordable rents, sustainable retail space suited to new local enterprise businesses, spaces for the community and flexible working.

The purpose of the exhibition is to show the feasibility study for the next phase of the project and get feedback from local people which will be used to further refine the ideas and be included as evidence in funding applications to raise the money to implement these plans.

Scott Mackay, Chair of The Midsteeple Quarter Board, commented: “This is an important opportunity for the community to have their say in the vision for MSQ and the future of the High Street. We look forward to presenting our ideas and listening to what the people have to say. Everyone is welcome!”

People ideas and opinions have been at the core of Midsteeple Quarter from the get-go. Its really important that people come out and share their views about this exciting next stage. Midsteeple Quarter are keen to hear people’s ideas and opinions. It’s important that the community has a voice there is so much knowledge and experience locally, and this is what the vision needs to be based upon.

Even if you’ve not been involved in the project before, this is your chance to find out about one of the most exciting things happening in our town. The exhibition will be open to the public on Thursday 10th October from 6pm until 8pm and Saturday 12th October 11am until 4pm at The Oven, 135-137 High Street, Dumfries. More information on the Midsteeple Quarter website: www.midsteeplequarter.org.