Communities In Region Land Asset Class Cash

The Council’s Communities Committee [10 December 2019] will consider a report on its Capital Investment Strategy – Land Asset Class Capital Programme 2019/20 to 2021/22.

Committee members will be asked to:

  • Note the financial and physical progress on the projects;
  • Agree £7.5k expenditure at Sheuchan, Stranraer
  • Agree £5k expenditure at Glebe Cemetery, Stranraer

The Council agreed its capital budget 2019/20 to 2021/22 in an indicative 10 year Capital Investment Strategy in February 2019.

Projects in this year’s capital land asset programme are progressing.

Projects include:

  • Proposed new cemetery in Dumfries
  • Early of Galloway Monument
  • Inclusive play areas
  • Cemetery headstones
  • Sheuchan Cemetery, Stranraer
  • Glebe Cemetery, Stranraer



Councillor Andy Ferguson, chair of the Communities committee, said:

“Land Asset investments from our Council’s Capital Investment Strategy such as these deliver a significant impact across our region, improving local assets and wellbeing.”

Councillor John Martin, vice-chair, said:

“These Land Asset Investments make a major contribution in our region. They enable us to maintain physical assets and deliver much needed new projects.”