Guidance From Scottish Government On Business Closures

We're getting lots of questions seeking clarification on the guidance about the 'lockdown'.


Below is a summary of what the First Minister clarified on the situation:

  • It should up to employers to make the decision, not employees, and it should based on precautionary principles.
  • If staff can work from home, they should;
  • Bosses should consider if work is essential e.g. in the fight against coronavirus (such as helping the NHS, or providing some form of essential care) or providing for food (manufacturing, processing or in the supply chain.)
  • If it is essential, business should remain open but in all instances, social distancing should be maintained;
  • Is the business contributing anything essential to wellbeing e.g. food, or to contribute to the fight against coronavirus? If not, then it should close;
  • If businesses cannot justify that it is essential with regard to the above criteria, then they should not be operating;
  • Leisure and hospitality premises were told to close last week;
  • All non-essential retail outlets should close immediately;
  • Strategic sites, or those that can’t be shut down, e.g. Dalzell steel, can stay open; and
  • Construction sites should shut unless they are working on a hospital.