Businesses Team Up For New Service Offering - EcoClean

Is your Office ready for your staff to return to work? Is it clean? Are your systems good to go having sat unused for a while? If not, then look at GalloGlas EcoClean’s ‘Back 2 Work’ Preparation



GalloGlas EcoClean, with their partners Qubiti are delighted to offer your company a unique, all in one, back to work package. At a time when companies now are awaiting the nod to slowly reintroduce their workforce from the Government, we can help you ensure your work place is ready for your staff, following our 4 phase approach....

Phase 1 starts with a visit to your workspaces before your ‘home workers’ return and assess the layoutand make it a social distancing compliant and safer work area. We can then introduce various options of sneeze guards and shields to ensure your staff feel comfortable within their working environment.

Phase 2 then includes a full deep clean of your offices using our 100% Eco Friendly Products ensuringthat you are doing ‘your bit’ for our world. This will also include a UV Sterilisation Program to ensure 100% satisfaction and cleanliness

Phase 3 involves a full health check of Business ICT systems to ensure your business is ready for yourstaff to return. They can ensure that systems are properly set up, helping to reduce the expense of lost productivity and company downtime ensuring adequate protection during the recovery /start up period. This enables your business to function as normally as possible during this time is our highest priority (see last page for full details)

Phase 4 consists of the soft skills approach with our staff visiting your premises to integrate, mentorand motivate the staff on a Systematic Approach based thesis. This is to get them working with a mind set of maintaining hygiene and social distancing in line with Government guidelines to aid the business returning to growth and profit as soon as possible.



GalloGlas EcoClean staff will conduct a full clean of your premises, from Offices to Kitchens to WC’s using only eco-friendly products. Furthermore, once we have cleaned the areas, we will then retrace your working area with our UV-C cleaning system which gives a COVID-19 virus clear outcome. Once the area is clear we then move onto phase two and the IT Health Check


Qubiti Engineers will conduct a full health check of your IT systems to ensure that you will not be hampered upon return. This consists of the following:

  •        Connectivity – Check connectivity is active and functioning – Ethernet Circuits, Broadband, 4G
  •        Network – Ensure all network devices are operational, secure and up to date – Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Access Points
  •        Servers – Ensure servers are operational, secure, up to date, and backed up– Physical Serv-ers, Virtual Servers, UPS
  •        User Devices – Ensure all user devices are operational, secure, and up to date– PC’s, Laptops, Mobile Devices
  •        Peripherals – Ensure all Peripherals are operational, secure, and up to date – Printers, Scan-ners, EPoS, Digital Signage

We also have a wide range of other systems to aid in your ability to ensure your working environment is as clean and sterile as possible. These range from Anti-Viral Entry Systems to Personnel Temperature checking systems.

For more information please contact EcoClean on 07413 357532