South Scotland MSP Emma Harper has raised concerns over a lack of Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Scotch Pork on the shelves of some of the major supermarkets across Dumfries and Galloway and Scotland.

The revelation has been published in The Scottish Farmer which details the Scotch percentage by range of retailer at the large supermarket chains; Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Lidl and Aldi.

Tesco, who supplied up to 87% Scotch Beef and 67% Scotch Lamb as of November 2019, had zero of the same product on their shelves in the month of May this year.

Asda, which previously stocked 15% of Scotch beef and 19% of Scotch Lamb last November, has now reduced its supplies of the Scottish quality brand to 13% of Scotch Beef and 0% of Scotch Lamb.

In comparison, Morrisons supermarket has increased its supply from 70% of Scotch Beef to 78% and Scotch Lamb from 75% to 78% - which the South Scotland MSP has welcomed.

On the positive side, Ms Harper has applauded the fact that both Aldi and Lidl supermarkets have chosen to champion Quality Meat Scotland brand products - Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Scotch Pork brand with 100% of both products in both stores.


emma harper

Commenting, Ms Harper said:

“I am concerned that quantities of Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Scotch pork have been diminishing on the shelves of some of the country’s leading supermarkets.

“Supermarkets should be supporting Scottish food and drink brands and farmers, now more than ever, and providing customers with quality, locally reared produce.

“Scotland has been internationally recognised for having the finest quality beef and lamb in the world. I want to take the opportunity to applaud Morrisons, Aldi and Lidl who have recognised this, and who have been stocking increased quantities of Scottish meat products.

“All Scottish politicians should be supporting our farmers, producers and consumers by protecting the Scottish quality meat brand. Additionally, I call on supermarkets in Scotland to, as far as possible, stock Scottish meat products.

“It is also worth noting, since my election, I have been fighting to ensure, after the UK leaves that EU, that our Scottish produce is protected from cheap and inferior imitation from other countries through ensuring that they remain protected through Protected Geographical Indication Status – currently provided by the EU.”

Alan Clarke, Chief Executive at Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) said:

“Scottish farmers work hard to produce world-class, quality assured brands such as Scotch Beef PGI and Scotch Lamb PGI.  Scottish consumers are rightly concerned that due to Covid-19 the Scotch labels were removed from shelves in some supermarkets and we have been in regular contact, working behind the scenes, with all major supermarkets to get our brands back on their shelves for consumers to purchase and enjoy”.  

 Last month Secretary for State, Alistair Jack and Galloway Member of Parliament, David Mundell attracted much criticism as they failed to protect Scottish farmers by voting against measures in the UK Agricultural Bill that would protect farmers and prevent the Scottish population from being offered cheap imported food.