Romance villages' plight raised at Holyrood

THE impact of Covid-19 controls on the weddings mecca of Gretna and Gretna Green has been highlighted at the Scottish Parliament.


Dumfriesshire constituency MSP Oliver Mundell raised the issue during a session of the culture, tourism, Europe and external affairs committee at Holyrood.


Mr Mundell stated that hotels and other wedding-related businesses had been affected at the twin border villages and across his constituency.


A lack of tourism and the number and size of marriage ceremonies were factors, he pointed out. 


Referring to the Gretna registration district, Mr Mundell said: "There are a number of tourism and hospitality businesses, particularly hotels, but also associated businesses which are very dependent on the wedding trade."


Tourism Minister Fergus Ewing explained social distancing was the main reason preventing the return of larger weddings.

Responding to a question from Mr Mundell, the Minister added larger weddings inside would be allowed again once they were considered safe.