SNP challenged on pupils facing poor broadband

Dumfriesshire MSP Oliver Mundell has accused SNP Connectivity Minister Paul Wheelhouse of completely dodging a parliamentary question surrounding broadband upgrades.



The Scottish Conservative and Unionist constituency representative had questioned the South of Scotland MSP if the SNP Government would prioritise broadband upgrades for households with school-age children.

This was after many in Mr Mundell’s constituency had failed to access proper online home learning in recent months as a result of poor connections.

However, instead of answering his question, Mr Wheelhouse instead responded with common SNP lines around the responsibilities of broadband, despite the SNP being on course to fail to deliver the roll-out of their flagship R100 broadband programme by 2021.

In all, the word education was only mentioned once in the Minister’s response, prompting Mr Mundell to hit out.

Oliver Mundell said: “This was an extremely typical response from the SNP Minister when challenged on his Government’s commitment to upgrading broadband.

“Instead of even trying to address the issue which has arisen for many of my constituents during the period of home learning, he instead churns out the usual lines on who is responsible.

“The fact is it is the SNP Government who are failing to deliver their R100 flagship scheme on the ground in terms of infrastructure which they are fully responsible for.

“The response ran to almost 450 words, yet only refers to education once, which shows their lack of commitment on that specific issue.

“If there was a report card for the SNP on broadband, it would consistently read -- must do better.”