Quarter Of A Million Pounds To Focus Council Resources On Economic Recovery

Members of the Council’s Economy and Resources Committee (15 Sept) will hear a report on the Economic Recovery Plan for 2019-23 which includes the request for an allocation of over £250k for the remainder of this financial year, and more than double that in subsequent years, which recognises how serious this Council takes the region’s economic recovery.

Economic recovery for our region remains a top priority, however, some aspects of the workstream action plans highlight areas which will require additional resource. This includes the need to address staffing levels and form a more flexible team, and the re-focussing of workstreams.

The committee report provides Members with an update on the Council’s approach to supporting a sustainable, fair and inclusive economic recovery through the development of a flexible, multi-year action plan which reflects the seven workstreams agreed at Full Council on 30 July 2020.


Rob Davidson

Chair of Economy and Resources Committee, Rob Davidson said: “By requesting this additional funding for workstreams and boosting our staffing resources we are demonstrating that we are in this for the long term. Recovery isn’t going to happen overnight, and we need to look at long term, sustainable solutions. At a national level, economic forecasters are predicting that the economy will not recover to its pre-COVID levels of Gross Domestic Product until 2024, with unemployment likely to peak during late 2020 and into early 2021, so we must act now but do so with a clear commitment to future action too.  As well as over £260k this year there is a request for a further funds up until 2023.  This early consideration of future funding will be important to secure longer term commitment and confidence with partners and business.”

Vice Chair Archie Dryburgh said: “Support to business during the next six to nine-month period is critical, but we won’t stop there. We recognise that there will be no ’quick fix’ to the effects of the pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis.  By requesting additional funding, we will support businesses through this challenging time for as long as is necessary.“