Lockerbie Station Wi-fi On Track

FAST free wi-fi should soon be arriving at Lockerbie railway station.


It follows a campaign by Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell and constituency MSP Oliver Mundell.


The two parliamentarians took up the issue on behalf of constituents -- some commuters who could not understand why Lockerbie did not have easy online access when many other main line stations did.


In a letter to David Mundell, the external relations manager from station operators ScotRail, Paul McKay, said: "We're please to inform you that following discussions with Transport Scotland, the installation of free wi-fi for the station has been agreed.


"This follows consideration of a number of factors including the feasibility, cost and footfall.


"We've surveyed the station and are looking to install wi-fi at Lockerbie in November with a further upgrade scheduled for February next year."


Both politicians welcomed ScotRail's timely response to public concerns.


David Mundell said: "Wi-fi is an essential tool for travellers these days and I know the decision will be particularly appreciated by passengers waiting for trains to travel to work or for business appointments."


Oliver Mundell added: "It is heartening to see a positive response in this case and my aspiration now is that there should be further progress by train operators in improving and maintaining service and timetable reliability."