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DCT Election Result

The results of the UK Parliamentary Election to elect a Member of Parliament for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale County Constituency as follows:


Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale County Constituency:

  • Amanda Kathryn Burgauer - Scottish National Party (SNP) – 18,830
  • Nick Chisolm – Scottish Labour Party – 4,172
  • John Ferry -  Scottish Liberal Democrats – 3,540
  • David Gordon Mundell – Scottish Conservative and Unionists - 22,611

 David Mundell has been elected as MP for the Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale County Constituency. 


David Mundell 2018

Dumfries & Galloway Election Result

The results of the UK Parliamentary Election to elect a Member of Parliament for Dumfries and Galloway County Constituency are as follows: 

Dumfries and Galloway County Constituency:

  • Richard Lambert Thomas Arkless - Scottish National Party (SNP) – 20,873
  • Alister William Jack - Scottish Conservative and Unionist – 22,678
  • William Ranald McNabb Laurie – Scottish Liberal Democrats – 3,133
  • Ted Thompson – Scottish Labour Party – 4,745

Alister William Jack, Scottish Conservative and Unionist has been elected as MP for the Dumfries and Galloway County Constituency.

Alister Jack



"General Election's Done - Let's Get on with Business" says DGChamber President

The 2019 General Election has been and is done, with 649 of the UK's 650 constituencies to have declared their results, the Tories had won 364 seats to deliver a huge House of Commons majority.

It is set to be the largest majority of any government since 2001 and the Conservatives' highest number of seats since Margaret Thatcher was their leader.

The prime minister will now visit the Queen to form a government having secured what he described as a "powerful new mandate to get Brexit done".

Speaking at a victory rally in Westminster before sunrise this morning, Mr Johnson hailed a political "earthquake" which saw Labour support crumble in its heartlands in the face of a Conservative landslide.

And he had a message for the traditional Labour voters who switched sides and "lent" the Conservatives their vote.

"Your hand may have quivered over the ballot paper as you put your cross in the Conservative box and you may intend to return to Labour the next time round," said the PM.

"If that is the case, I am humbled that you have put your trust in me... and I will never take your support for granted."


Kenny Bowie

Kenny Bowie, DGChamber President called for the new Government to push on and get Brexit done to end the uncertainty that is holding business back.

“DGChamber congratulate both Alister Jack and David Mundell on retaining their seats in their respective areas of Dumfries & Galloway and Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweedsdale, I look forward to meeting with both MPs in the coming weeks as we can ensure the South of Scotland’s business voice continues to be heard.”

“What we need now is the Government to deliver Brexit so businesses not just here in Dumfries & Galloway but across Scotland can pull the trigger on their plans for the future. Growing, developing and investing for the future – looking to move into new markets. DGChamber is calling for decisive steps to be taken to improve the business environment in Scotland by supporting SMEs, delivering an immigration system that is fit for purpose and reducing the cost of doing business.”

Small business owners are feeling optimistic about 2020

Small business owners are feeling optimistic about 2020- despite the uncertainty and challenges facing them.

Regardless of Brexit, political changes and rising costs, a staggering 86 per cent are still confident they will achieve their main goal in the upcoming year.

These objectives include substantially increasing revenue and growth, reaching new customers and generating repeat business.

The study, commissioned by Vistaprint, an online provider of marketing products and services to small businesses, also found that UK business owners are most likely to feel 'confident', 'optimistic' and 'prepared' for 2020.

However, one in five admitted to feeling some apprehensive about what is to come.




Simon Braier, customer strategy and insights director from Vistaprint, said: “While political changes and economic barriers are very real challenges facing Britain’s small businesses, our research shows that these factors haven’t dampened the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“It’s encouraging to see small business owners’ confidence and optimism going into 2020.

“The better they do, the more chance they have of generating jobs for local people, giving an economic boost to their community and continuing to provide significant value to customers.”

The study found that it's not all optimism though as although almost one in 10 of the 500 small business owners polled said the main reason for starting up was to earn more money - a third are yet to breakeven.

As a result, one in 10 consider this to be their main goal for 2020, although one in five say their main aim is to simply ‘survive the next year’.

A quarter of business owners also admitted they see the upcoming year being a ‘struggle’.

This is due to more than half of those (52 per cent) predicting political changes will have an impact on their business, while 38 per cent think they will struggle due to bills and expenses rising.

A further sixth are anxious about competitor companies opening nearby.

Despite these challenges, seven in 10 admitted they don’t have a marketing plan in place for 2020, with 45 per cent saying ‘everything is going fine as it is’.

And a quarter would rather just ‘see what happens’.

But 48 per cent of those polled, via OnePoll, believe the most important advertising channel in the upcoming 12 months will simply be word of mouth, while a quarter will rely on social media.

A further one in 10 think email marketing and search engine optimisation will be most important for their business.

Vistaprint’s UK market lead Charlotte Holmes-Darby said: “Even if business is going well, in increasingly competitive markets small business owners cannot afford to rest on their laurels.

“Word-of-mouth marketing is, and will likely continue to be, one of the most effective forms of marketing for small businesses.

"But business owners should seize the opportunity to spread the word further by leveraging other offline and online channels and tactics to reach customers.”

The study also revealed that, on reflection, nine in 10 business owners are pleased they took the plunge and started their own company.

For 38 per cent, being their own boss was the main motivation for starting up on their own, followed by flexibility - with 14 per cent wanting to decide their own hours - and job satisfaction.

To view the survey results, go to

Develop your team with courses from Dumfries & Galloway College

Let 2020 be the year that you develop your staff  - our partner Dumfries & Galloway College have a whole host of training courses which will help your staff grow, develop and progress. 




For more information or to book click the link below:


IOSH Managing Safely

Aims to ensure that people employed as line managers appreciate safety requirements, enabling them to review departmental systems for safety, implement new controls, or implement changes as appropriate to ensure safety in the workplace.

Duration:   4 Days

Dates:         13th 20th 27th March & 3rd April (Dumfries)

Cost:           £340pp



NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

Designed for anyone (Managers, supervisors and workers) in any type of organisation.  It is ideal for anyone who needs a broad understanding of health & Safety issues to be able to manage day to day risks effectively.  Many people undertake this qualification as a first step into a career in Health & Safety.

Duration:   12 Days (1 day per week for 12 weeks)

Dates:         Wednesday 4th March – Wednesday 10th June (Dumfries)

Cost:           £1100pp



REHIS Intermediate HACCP for Food Manufacturers

Appropriate for persons employed in Food Manufacturing, and need to have a good understanding of HACCP at supervisory level. 

Duration:   2 Days plus exam

Dates:         15th & 22nd January (Exam 29th January) – Stranraer Campus

Cost:           £150pp



City & Guilds Personal Licence Holders

For those who work or want to work as a Personal Licence Holders in on and off sales premises

Duration:   1 day

Dates:         27th April (Dumfries) 4th March (Stranraer) 

Cost:           £280pp



REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene

Aimed at all food handlers and is recommended by the Local Environmental Health Department

Duration:   1 day

Dates:         13th January (Dumfries)

Cost:           £80pp



First Aid at Work Certificate

Duration:   3 days

Dates:         9th 16th 23rd  January (Dumfries), 12th 19th 26th March (Dumfries)

Cost:           £180pp



REHIS Intermediate Food Hygiene

Aimed at those in supervisory roles within the hospitality industry and those working in high risk food environments

Duration:   3 days plus exam

Dates:         23rd 30th January& 6th February, Exam 13th February (Stranraer)

Cost:           £257pp